Modern multipurpose theme
Created: 23/09/2017
Last Update: 21/11/2020
By: AthenaStudio
E-mail: [email protected]


Table of Contents

  1. Directories
  2. Installation
  3. Theme Options
  4. Site Sections
  5. Setup Front Page
  6. Import Demo Content
  7. Blog Page
  8. Separate Page
  9. Create New Project
  10. Reorder Projects
  11. Our Clients
  12. Our Team
  13. Primary Menu
  14. How to Translate
  15. Twitter Feed
  16. Google Maps

A) Directories

phoenix - Contains theme files.

help – Help file (HTML).

licensing – GPL descriptions.

psd – Preview PSD file.

B) Installation

Current documentation was created to help you with quick installation and configuration of Phoenix theme. Please, read it carefully to avoid most of potential problems with incorrect configuration.

To install this theme you must have a working version of WordPress already installed.

For detailed Wordpress installation instructions visit

Download the zipped package from ThemeForest and extract to your desktop. In the extracted package you will find file which is the WordPress theme.

You can install the theme in two ways:

Once you have activated the theme you will need to change some of the pages and media settings for optimal performance.


C) Theme Options

After the installation you can make your own settings. Please, open Phoenix (Theme Options) and make site-wide settings:

Theme Options

D) Site Sections

The template uses sections to generate front page. Go to Site Sections you will see a panel where you can create new sections.

Create a few, select needed types and fill required data. Drag-and-drop feature allows to sort sections.

After editing, click Save Sections.

Site Sections

E) Setup Front Page

Create a new page Pages > Add New based on the Front Page template, then click on the Publish.

Once page will be reloaded, you need to select the Section Type and enter some data.

Then click on the Update for saving changes.

Go to Settings > Reading and set the new page as front page.

Setup Front Page

F) Import Demo Content

If you want to have the same website as Live Preview of theme, you’ll need to import demo content.

There're 2 ways to import demo data:

1. One Click Demo Import

Import Demo Data

2. Import Demo Data Manually

Import Demo Data

Import/Export Sections

Import/Export Sections

G) Blog Page

Create a new page:

Select an Archive Pages Layout. Go to Phoenix > Layout Settings.

Blog Page

H) Separate Page

Creating pages is nothing new if you have even basic experience with WordPress.

We offer a few additional options in editor. Below editor you’ll find an additional metabox: Visual Subtitle.

Separate Page

I) Create New Project

Creating project is nothing new if you have even basic experience with WordPress and is similar to posts. You can create portfolio project which will your images or video clip. Fill the content and don’t forget to set Featured Image.

Create New Project

J) Reorder Projects

To move a Project, place the cursor over the block. Depending on your browser, the cursor will change to show a Hand or a Move icon. Drag and drop the block on top of another block to place it above that block.

Reorder Project

K) Our Clients

Creating clients is similar to posts, portfolio projects. Fill the brand name and don’t forget to set Featured Image.

Our Clients

L) Our Team

Creating member is similar to Our Clients. Fill the content and don’t forget to set Featured Imagee.

Our Team

M) Primary Menu

Phoenix supports custom WordPress menu. Navigate to WP Admin Appearance > Menus page and create menu. Select the newly created menu from the theme locations dropdown box Main Navigation as it mentioned on screenshot and press Save button.

Primary Menu

N) How to Translate

The translation file you can find in languages folder (/wp-content/themes/phoenix/languages). Edit the .po file using POEdit, use the translation field to make replacements. Read here how to do it right.

From the file menu, save file with your language name e.g de_DE.po into languages folder. It will generate both a *.po and *.mo file for your translation.

Next edit wp-config.php located in the root folder of wordpress and define the WPLANG prefix with your language name which should be similar to the translation file name.

O) Twitter Feed

The template comes with a twitter feed section to display the last tweet from you twitter account. By default, it's set the twitter feed the display my own twitter feed for the preview purposes. To change the twitter feed to display your own feed, open Twitter Feed page. You'll find this line:

[twitter_feed account="AthenaStudio87"]

You only have to change the username to yours.

Important note: Since Twitter requires every request to be authenticated due the new version 1.1 of twitter API, it needs some private informations and settings. I recommend that you open the index.php file in the twitter folder and fill in with your own API settings. You can create a Twitter app here:

When you create your twitter app here you get this information under My applications tab.

P) Google Maps

Please, get an API key here:

After you get the Google Maps JavaScript API, write it to Map Options section in Phoenix (Theme Options).